• Innovation construction

    Unique in the UK Yellow Mat is at the forefront of Health and Safety in construction.

    Yellow Mat supplies a number of large construction firms in the UK. It is fast becoming a necessity for construction sites today.

  • key featuresyellow mat

    • High grip and anti-slip
    • Hardwearing and Durable
    • It is easy to wash and maintain
    • Delivered in 10m rolls.
    • Reusable from site to site
    • Available in plain yellow.
    • Company logos can be printed onto product.
  • Simple to Use Easy to transport

    The 10 metre long mat neatly compacts into 1 metre wide roll, ready for transport.

    Light-weight and easy to handle on site.

    Apply to a level surface; the mat will lie flat to the ground without the aid of fixtures or fitting.


Yellow Mat Ltd.
The Yellow Mat walkway matting is a simple solution to an ongoing predicament in the construction industry, "how do you maintain and keep clear the designated walkways at all times"?

Yellow Mat does this by merely being a brightly coloured anti-slip walk way mat that all personnel automatically identify as an access and egress route to their place of work. Yellow Mat is flexible and easy to roll up and store when not in use.


High Quality Rubber.
The high quality rubber is infused with a yellow pigment at production stage, giving a lasting colour and prevents fading by exposure to sun and usage.

The strong, ridged rubber is durable and hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain, the mats can be efficiently rolled up and transported for reuse.


Print your Company Logo.
The mat is yellow in colour and the company logo can be printed with up to 3 colours within the design.

Approximately 5 logos can be printed onto a 10 metre mat.

The logo is annealed to the mat with a double heating process, ensuring that it penetrates the rubber and reducing degradation with use.

Health and Safety

  • High Grip Surface

    Yellow Mat is an essential product for all construction sites.  Its wide ridge pattern gives the rubber mat a non-slip and high grip surface. Each roll comes in a standard 10 metres x 1 metre x 3 millimetres thick. The 3mm depth is the key to the flexibility in the mat while remaining light weight. 

  • High Visability

    High visibility yellow stands out in contrast from its surrounding and provides a clear and safe walk way. It also prevents operators unloading onto a designated walkway as the Yellow Mat is easily visible from a height.

  • Prevent Trip Hazards

    Due to the nature of the materials used in the production of Yellow Mat, trailing leads can be easily covered, thus, eliminating the risk of accidents.